Beginning in 2012 Lincoln County changed from precinct based voting on Election Day to Vote Center voting. As a registered voter in Lincoln County you are able to cast your ballot on Election Day at any one of the six Vote Centers during the Primary and/or General which are located at:


Capitan High School, 150 Forest Street, Capitan NM
Corona Village Hall, 461 Main St., Corona, NM
Hondo High School, 111 Don Pablo Lane, Hondo NM
Lincoln County Courthouse, 300 Central Avenue, Carrizozo NM
Ruidoso Convention Center, 111 Sierra Blanca, Ruidoso NM
Ruidoso Downs Senior Center, 26337 US HWY 70, Ruidoso Downs NM

Primary Elections are held the first (1st) Tuesday, after the first (1st) Monday, in June, every even numbered year.  General Elections are held the first (1st) Tuesday after the first (1st) Monday in November, every even numbered year.

In Primary Elections, you must be affiliated with one of the major political parties to be eligible to vote. If you are affiliated with a Minor Party or Declined to State, you are not eligible to vote in the Primary Election. Everyone who is registered to vote is eligible to vote in the General Election and can vote for anyone of their choosing, within their districts. In other elections, those being schools, city, etc., you may or may not be able to vote for any candidate depending on the district in which you live and are registered to vote. You should always contact the County Clerk's Office if you have any questions regarding eligibility.

For Primary and General Elections, you may begin viewing the unofficial election returns on election day after 7:00 PM by going to to the Secretary of State's web site and following the instructions to access the election results for Lincoln County at http://www.sos.state.nm.us/Elections_Data/



 Lincoln County consists of five school districts and one Community College District:  Capitan Municipal School District; Carrizozo Municipal School District; Corona Municipal School District; Hondo Valley Public School District; Ruidoso Municipal School District; and Eastern New Mexico University-Ruidoso Branch Community College. 

As a registered voter of Lincoln County you will be able to cast your ballot on Election Day at the Polling Place within your school district.  If you have a question about which school district you are registered in, please call the County Clerk's Office.  The polling place for each school district is as follows:

Capitan Municipal School District -
     Capitan School Cummins Gymnasium Foyer, 150 Forest St., Capitan NM

Carrizozo Municipal School District -
     Carrizozo Municipal Schools Administration Building, 800 D Avenue, Carrizozo NM

Corona Municipal School District -
     Corona Village Hall, 461 Main St., Corona, NM

Hondo Valley School Public School District -
     Hondo Valley School Gymnasium Lobby, 111 Don Pablo Lane, Hondo NM

Ruidoso Municipal School District -
     Ruidoso Convention Center, 111 Sierra Blanca Dr., Ruidoso NM

Eastern New Mexico University-Ruidoso Branch Community College District -
     Ruidoso Convention Center, 111 Sierra Blanca Dr., Ruidoso NM                       

 ABSENTEE by mail voting begins 25 days before Election Day.  (Please see proclamation for relevant dates.)  Call the County Clerk's Office to request an application or  Completed applications need to be mailed or delivered to the County Clerk's Office.



For information concerning a municipal election, please contact the Clerk in that Municipality.
Click here for: Municipal Clerk Contact Information



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For further information regarding elections you may contact the Lincoln County Clerk's Office at 575-648-2394 ext.127 or the New Mexico Secretary of State web site at http://www.sos.state.nm.us